30 August 2012

Another pointless list post -- now with gifs!

(reposted from Jen Unexpected)
It’s 9:50 pm on a Wednesday night. I’m sitting in a Denny’s with a Coke and a plate that held apple pie 10 minutes ago listening to the elderly couple behind me bicker good-naturedly about whether or not their pancake puppies contain white chocolate chips. I left my house so that I could write this article about the current state of same-sex marriage in this country without distractions. Hah.
Instead I am scrolling through my tumblr dash looking for paralympics gifs and posts, flipping over to Ctwitter every four minutes, and coming up with stuff I want to do instead of what I am doing about every seconds. 
What I NEED to be doing:

Things I want to do instead of write this article, in no particular order, for my own reference next time I am sitting around wasting time on the internet and should be doing something freaking productive already:

  • Make a post compiling the best tweets of the past week or two from my twitter stream, because my twitter friends are hella funny. 
  • Similarly compile and post the hysterical things my children have said lately, because they are also very very funny. 
  • Work on the landing page for my new website. 
  • Make some new CABD posts. 
  • Work on any of the photobooks for the past several years that I am half-assedly trying to put together before my Picaboo groupon expires (I’ve got like four more months, but still).
  • Fume about the RNC, the GOP, and the blatant use of transparent falsehoods in the presidential campaign.
  • Watch the Paralympics opening ceremony
  • Go home and settle in to crochet some more geeky amigurumi to sell at Kerrytown Bookfest on September 9. 
  • Sleep. 
This will be me tomorrow at work: