14 October 2010


Mimi has a weekly writing assignment for school. She knows about it on Monday but we usually end up doing it, of course, on Thursday. Before we could even get started on homework tonight, she had a massive meltdown that involved yanking my hair, which hurt badly, and hiding under a blanket on the couch screaming that she hated herself, that she didn't want to be her and that she didn't want to be from China.

She calmed down and, as she tends to do, went on to do her homework like we hadn't just had a 45 minute screaming fit at the thought of it. This week's topic was "write about a time you were surprised." After some thought, this is what she wrote.
I forgot my umbrella yesterday so I was surprised when it rained. Another time I was surprise when my mom and dad came to pick me in China! I was surprised because I was two and I never seen any body with blond hair before. And brown hair too!
It made me think of this picture, which Mimi's dad took in the elevator in our hotel. She screamed and screamed the first couple of times we went in the elevator (but we were on like the 12th floor, so, sorry babe, but we're taking the elevator) until she discovered the mirrored back wall. Then she loved it and wanted to go in the elevator all the time.

Oh, my baby. So tiny. So scared and surprised. I wish we could find a magic mirror for you again.



  1. Dude. You changed your post and then my comment disappeared (which is no longer appropriate, anyway.) But, yeah. I think he answer is full of awesome, and then when you provide perspective it makes me so sad. :( Hugs to your amazing girl.

  2. Huh. I don't know why editing the post would make the comment disappear. But yeah, it was just a cute story, but then I was thinking about it, and thinking that I've made a promise to myself to be honest about all this. And I think her state of mind before she wrote this is relevant to what she decided to write. And also to why I responded to it so emotionally!

  3. That is an amazing picture:)