10 September 2012

Fashion, friends, and food poisoning

1) So Mimi is nine and starting fourth grade and she doesn't give a crap about her clothes. By which I mean she has certain items of clothing she likes, and some she doesn't, but she has no sense of whether things match or if she is wearing two different socks or whatever. I admire this about her but also, I'm worried that she's getting to the age where people start to notice this stuff. I clearly remember getting teased in fourth grade because I was the same way and this one time I had on pants that were totally too short. Some girl laughed because I was wearing "floods" and I didn't even know what that MEANT. 

So I guess I'm debating whether and how to bring this up with her. 
I know she'll get teased eventually because most of us do, and I don't want to make her self-conscious when she isn't, but I don't really want her to get teased if it's something I can help with. 

2) I'm now friends with my ex-husband on facebook. It seemed kind of silly to keep sending him pictures that I'd already posted and since we do things together with the girls so often, and for the most part get along, it just seemed pointless not to be. Of course this means I will have to be more careful about filtering posts but I should do that anyway.

3) I got food poisoning of some sort last week. I know this because I ended up at the doc on Friday after some, uh, slightly worrying symptoms. I was feeling a little better and had a table at Bookfest yesterday, which went really well, but I also ate a sandwich for lunch while I was there and apparently that was a mistake because last night I had massive nausea and ick again. 

Also due to being ill I wasn't as prepared for Bookfest as I would have liked and nearly sold out. But the good thing is that gives me a great idea of what will go over well when I do Liberty Local at the end of October. I need to get crocheting. The Oods in particular were a big hit. Also the tiny cell phone charms. 


  1. Re: teasing, maybe just let the actions of others take their course? I refused to wear anything but my mom's old peace corps sweaters (think massive nautical stripey things by LL bean or something) in the fourth grade, and was told alternately that I was too fat for the leggings I wore them with and that I dressed like a grandma, but those were just the opinions of peers, whose thoughts mattered way less to me than my mom's. When she, very hesitantly and with a painstaking amount of circuitous approach, said something about getting a mole removed or maybe dressing a little better, I was absolutely crushed. What did I care what a bunch of sniveling cold-hearted jerks at school thought about my sweaters...but my own mom? Calling parts of that had always been there, things I had always done (and taken pride in, even) into question? Even now, loving her as I very much do, and knowing how gentle she was in broaching the subject and how she only meant to do well by me by mentioning it, I flinch a little. I understood quite well as a kid that my peers were transient judges at best, and that there was always some escape route around the corner--middle school, high school, college. Their opinions wouldn't count in the end. But my mom's? That mattered. And after all her encouragement to ignore the bullies, remain steadfast, be yourself--after all that which I took to heart, she was there telling me to try and dress in a way that was meant only to please others and do as they did...oh, that was a bitter pill.

    I do hope you feel better!

    1. That really confirms my instinct, thank you! Because really, I *don't* give a crap if she wants to wear two different socks or whatever.