02 November 2010

A platypus, a koala, and Medusa walk into a library....

My super-awesome friend Kate takes really nifty pictures, and she offered to take some product pics for me for my Etsy store. Since we both work at the library, that was the easiest place to set the pictures, and the first shoots turned into a sort of photostory. Now that there's a theme, I think all my crocheted goodies will be pictured in library settings. Because why not?
The apple of knowledge?

Mindy does some old-fashioned research.

Medusa can total relate to French mysticism.

Mindy feels a little dwarfed by the armchairs in the reading room.

The pencils, however, are just her size.
Koala is researching his family tree.
Platypus finds he is slightly the wrong size to work a microfilm reader.
Meanwhile, Mindy has made a new friend.
Koala, the stacks are no place for shenanigans!
Lost Platypus is lost. Maybe this map will help.
"Um, guys, it's this way!"
"Don't you think this book cover complements my dress perfectly?"
Hey! No eating in the library!
"I'm following the rules. See how well-behaved I am?"

"Whatever, Mindy. Don't be such a drag."

"Yeah, look at me! I'm not even using the steps!"

"You guys are lame. I am so out of here."


  1. Love the captions! I can't wait to take the next set.

  2. That was great! They are all adorable! Truth be told, the chaptstick covers are still my favorite though:)