08 November 2010

a little blatant self-promotion

I'm doing some hack writing for a couple of internet sites, including eHow and Naked Law. I love doing this sort of writing. Random topics, internet research, down-to-earth writing, and getting paid for it. I am quite geeked about the whole thing, to be honest. I'd do this all day every day instead of my actual official job, if I could. Not practical, unfortunately. But for the moment it helps fulfill the creative urges and also helps pay the bills, so it's all good.

I also get to find out about things I would never have otherwise known. Granted, perch fishing isn't a subject I am dying to know more about, but I did find out some interesting stuff about the history of not-well-known area of my state. I also have discovered:

See? Isn't your life more complete for knowing these things? I thought so.


  1. mmmm, roasted pigeons!

    Strangely, except for the long shirttail thing, I knew all of those.

    Random pigeon info...
    I am a follower of football player Chad Ochocinco (yes, he changed his name to match his number, sort of) and he was all excited because his pigeon was pregnant. Imagine his excitement turn to shock when she laid an egg instead of a live chick. He didn't realize that pigeons lay eggs!

  2. That is hysterical. The pigeon thing cracked me up, which is so wrong, but omg. I just kept picturing the WHOOOSH of the pigeons going up in flames, and some poor Olympic official being all "...um guys, next time? Let's release the pigeons AFTER the flame, 'k?"