19 August 2011

Linkapalooza (imported post)

No time to post. None. And if there was, I would be posting about how I have no time, what with work and then the writing (work) and then the Mimi & Boo stuff (still work, although enjoyable) and then the dealing with the kids and summer and insanity and my lingering case of the blahs. And then the best puppy dog ever, Sophie, died last week after a very short battle with a malignant tumor in her mouth. And that has been awful. She was 13, but we weren't ready to let her go.

Really just not much else going on right now. So instead, some links.

If you want to read about how I flew out to NYC the other weekend and helped my good friend Moxie drive her stuff to Toledo, go here. You won't be sorry. Monkeys, Burt Reynolds, Amish kids with cell phones, and a big yellow truck.

If you want to see how I spend what little spare time I have (read, what I do when I get bored at my actual job), check out my Pinterest boards. But beware: Pinterest is highly, highly addictive. I can't even describe why, it just is. Go look.

If you think one shouldn't make fun of people who can't spell, are potential serial killers, are obnoxious, or in general just mock-worthy, then don't, whatever you do, check out my tumblr about online dating: Not OK, Cupid. When one has spend enough time on the online dating circuit, one must have an outlet, I've discovered, or one might lose one's mind. Also, it's fun.

A couple more fun links. The holidays are coming up faster than you think, people.

My friend Kate makes awesome things. I am particularly in love with the library-card notepads and the incredible variety of gorgeous quote magnets. (Kate also took the pics for my recent Mimi & Boo listings.)

Another friend makes these nifty ornaments using classic literature quotes.

Aaand, I should probably get back to work.

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