03 January 2010

Another bedtime crisis (Imported post)

Our bedtime books tonight were Pinkalicious and Purplicious. Mimi loves these books, but the second one disturbs her a little bit because the main character gets made fun of. She's become extremely sensitive to the possibility of being teased, and has said several times lately that she doesn't want to go back to school because "people might be mean to me."

With school starting back tomorrow, she's been a pill all weekend. Cranky and defiant, she had to be carried to bed shouting that she was NOT going to bed and she was NOT going to school in the morning and I could NOT make her. Half an hour later she got up and climbed into my lap, said "I'm sorry" and told me that she doesn’t like her black hair, she wants pink hair. She likes blonde hair because it's pretty. And black hair is BORING. Then she told me she hates her mom who gave her “stinky skunk hair.”

I told Mimi I love her first mom because without her I wouldn't have my Mimi.

It's heartbreaking how so much of everything for my baby all comes back to that first loss.

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