18 January 2010

List of ways tomorrow could be better than today (imported post)

  1. I am not woken up at 4:30 AM by a child who crawls into bed with me and then proceeds to pee all over me.
  2. There are fewer than three (3) screaming fits and/or tantrums.
  3. After I clean a room, someone does not come along and, during the course of tantrum about not being able to find a certain pair of socks, throw all the shit I just picked up all over the room again.
  4. No one says "I hate you" to anyone else in the house.
  5. The dog does not eat either child's breakfast because they left their plate on their small table well within her reach while they distractedly wander off.
  6. No one pushes or hits anyone over who gets to brush their teeth first.
  7. No one poops in their underwear.
  8. I find a way to respond to whining that is more effective than clutching my head and snarling "YOU GUYS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY."
  9. People deign to eat something other than popsicles.
  10. I am able to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night without needing to fumigate it first.

I'm so glad I took the week off. What a fun day it was.

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